joi, 23 iunie 2016

Is there life between quarter life crisis and midlife crisis?

Late 20s and early 40s, the two main milestones of young adulthood, the intro and outro of lifes’ golden age. Your 30s are seen as a time of accomplishments, when the pieces start to fit into the puzzle and the broadcast of your life reaches its prime time. But does anything truly meaningful actually happen during these years or is it all social conformity, checking a list of professional achievements and personal life goals and living by the book?

In your childhood you have a pocket full of dreams, from the joys of Christmas or summer vacation, to the excitement of a bday party or a video game, everything is an adventure and everything makes sense. Through your teenage years you build up dreams of love and how your life is going to shape up after you graduate and there is no place for doubts or reason.  By the time you reach your mid 20s however, most of your fairy dust is blown away by  the continuous clashes with reality and its wind of change. As the thrill starts to wear off, you start to question your ideals and goals, your perspectives narrow down and you drift into a spiral of idleness, where all days look more or less the same and all dreams are put into sealed boxes and stacked into the attic of your mind.

Conformity becomes the norm and passions fade out or become optional hobbies, if and when you’ve got the time or mood.
Even so, your life starts to reach a balance, you thought would never come along, you tone down and enjoy your everyday life routine, ease back and relax, while minutes, hours, days and years flash before your eyes, trapped in a Groundhog life.

Events come and go, work days come and go, weekends come and go, you live some, you learn some.

Lower highs and upper lows, no more dancing in the streets, listening to your favorite song on repeat while thinking about great times or people, spending hours in front of the mirror deciding what to wear tonite, living the lifes of your favourite characters while reading a book, sleepless nights or daydreaming about your next holiday or trip…OR future.

Blunt career goals, self induced wishes of personal development or achievements, an artifice of life that helps you still feel wired to the concept of being alive and kicking.

Are 30 and 40 sumthing people pretending to be on the edge or are they still capable of feeling and dreaming and hoping? Is there any true intensity and belief in what they are doing or is it just a comforting thought for their ego and trying to smack some sense into their current position in life? Is it too late or are there still great times ahead, real living and life changing lessons and impressions to be encountered after your 20s?

miercuri, 20 august 2014

Sandalandala - Trendsetter printre campingurile din Vama Veche

Probabil cel mai popular si popularizat loc din Vama Veche in acest sezon, Sandalandala ar putea fi desemnat cu usurinta "Campingul Anului 2014", in cazul in care o astfel de distinctie ar exista.

Deschis de 1 Mai, campingul a beneficiat de o campanie de promovare si fidelizare mai putin obisnuita, bazata pe tatuarea permanenta cu logo-ul "Sandalandala" a doritorilor de cazare gratuita pe viata in acest loc.

Astfel, campingul a gasit o modalitate de a-si face reclama pe termen lung, iar insemnatii, de a se bucura de "guilty pleasure-ul" cel mai autohton, si anume, de a obtine totul  moca (tatuaje si cazare).

Desi oarecum reticenti si speriati de entuziasmul care a cuprins lumea in legatura cu tatuajele "Sandalandala", am decis sa ne imbarcam si noi in experienta de a campa doua nopti in noul loc din spatele clubului Expirat.

Inarmati cu vreo 7 kg de cort si 5 de provizii, am descins din masina si ne-am tarat cu greu pana la intrarea impunatoare si foarte imbietoare.

Intr-o fractiune de secunda si-a facut aparitia si personalul, foarte vigilent cu fiecare nou venit.

Plata,asa cum era de asteptat, se achita la sosire, preturile, ceva mai mari decat la curte, sunt de 20 RON/pers pe noapte plus taxa de cort (pentru un cort de 3 persone fiind de 15 RON/zi). Ghinionul nostru a fost ca eram doua persoane la cort de trei, dar cine s-ar fi gandit la asta...

Campingul este foarte primitor si spatios, dotat cu restaurant, galetuse pentru gunoi la fiecare pas si un numar generos de bai si dusuri, care par sa acopere necesarul, la o prima vedere (dar nu si dupa doua zile de campat).

Senzatia de spatiu  si aer pe care am avut-o seara a disparut odata cu venirea diminetii. Asemenea unui desert, Sandalandala atrage seara prin peisajul feeric si te alunga din cort ziua, datorita lipsei copacilor sau a oricarui alt tip de constructie care sa tina de umbra.

Dar, cum si pe plaja situatia ar fi fost similara (la alte preturi,e adevarat, insa fara bratari all inclusive si paznici vigilenti), am conchis ca nu este cazul sa ne facem sange rau pe tema asta.

Ceea ce a devenit totusi suparator, in conditiile unei cazari platite si moderne, a fost inexistenta unui spatiu de depozitare a alimentelor, de tipul frigider/lada frigorifica. In completarea acestui aspect relativ iritant, a venit si vestea ca, in tot campingul nu exista decat doua prize, motiv pentru care, incarcarea telefoanelor pe durata sederii, este practic imposibila.

Trecand peste micile neplaceri, am decis sa aruncam mancarea ramasa si sa luam pranzul la restaurantele consacrate, unde prizele abundau si puteau fi incarcate chiar si 5-6 telefoane simultan.

Din nefericire, de ce iti este mai frica nu scapi, in cazul meu,de bai supraaglomerate. Fiind weekend si plin sezon, campingul a functionat la capacitate maxima. Toaletele: multe la numar, insa nu foarte curate si cam inghesuite. In rest, totul modern si nou.

Daca de aici scapi repede, nu acelasi lucru poate fi spus si despre dusuri, ele fiind constant suprasolicitate. Cat despre apa calda, ea a ramas pentru mine si colegii din cabinele alaturate un mister si un motiv bun pentru a face din experienta Sandalandala, o experienta unica.

In concluzie, campingul Sandalandala este un loc dragut, dar preferabil de incercat in afara weekendurilor si fara foarte multe pretentii cosmopolite.

marți, 5 august 2014

The Online Freelancing Game

When all real job perspectives become too dull or merely unattainable, the logical next step, in a 21st century set scenario, is to engage into the vast world of freelancing.

With millions of worldwide projects in any imaginable and unimaginable field of activity, online freelancing is a tempting way to finance your dreams, while working in the comfort of your own home.

To make things seem even easier, the platform helps you set your account and choose your interests in no time, and voila!, you are officially ready to work. Now all you need is enough spare time to surf around (but since you probably don't have a real job, that shouldn't be of any concern).

What  becomes of massive concern however, as soon as you start bidding for jobs, is the amount of other eager freelancers that compete for the same jobs as you and their vast experience or dumping prices they are willing to work for, such as 2$/hour.

Now, as you may suspect, nobody was born an experienced freelancer, so even if it's a long way to the top, you gotta start rocking n rolling somewhere to get there.

In case you are still worried your chances to win that bid are too small, freelancing websites offer you the possibility to pay your way to the top and get highlighted (yep, you got that right, you pay to eventually...maybe get a job and get payed).

How does that work? Either you can opt for a monthly membership (that can range from 10$ to 200...-pardon me- 199.95$) or you can pay on the spot, the amount of money of your choice for an equivalent amount of promotional time.

As if that weren't enough, as a newbie, you are often likely to face the problem of "not enough XP ( or Connects (". What does that mean? It usually means you cannot apply for jobs that require a certain amount of "XP or Connects"  or that you have a limited number of offers you can make.

This upgrading system resembles that of online gaming, where you need to constantly play and earn rewards and, as it is with free game apps, just when you think you are starting to get the hang of it, a pop-up reminds you that your free trial is over.

But, yet again, no need is artificially created without a well built appealing solution right around the corner. So when the going gets tough, the miraculous alternatives get going. One way to get that much needed experience is by taking a skills test (and if it is skills that you need in order to unlock more job opportunities, than you can be sure that they will not be granted for free, therefore, taking the test will require you to pay a small fee).

If skills are only a veteran's decoration to go along with your beautifully designed profile, then they'll probably be free of charge. However, they will not unlock more jobs,therefore, chances are you will still need to buy your way in through a membership.

After the whole ordeal of trying to actually do something and get paid,instead of paying to get a chance to get lucky, there is no guarantee whatsoever that things will go on smoothly between you and your employer (you can research some blogs about freelancing experiences for that and get some chills).

The only thing that is for sure, is that the online freelancing companies are bound to be on a win-win situation, either they seal you a deal or not.


vineri, 1 august 2014

Annoying habits I can't change

They say it's best to learn from other people's mistakes, but when it comes to useless bad habits, masochism settles in.

It's not like you don't acknowledge their constant presence and wrongness, and yet, they seem to be part of a much more elaborate obsessive compulsive behaviour, that has taken control over your actions.

Similar to drug addicts, you keep telling yourself each time that it's the last time,but it's anyone's guess that's only until next time.

So how do we get rid of this absurd stubbornness? Not sure there is any miraculous cure out there, but as with any other mild mental disorder, it is best to start by making a list, to pin point the craziness at first.

Then, luckily, you will be baffled enough by it and take that much needed action to improve your everyday life.

For some inspiration (and empathy!), I have dug up the realms of my brain and found these (little fuckers):

1. Buttoning up shirts

Although it clearly states: "to button up", the only way I ever down!

An action which, obviously, results each time in having too many or too little buttons left at the end of the shirt.

So, when buttoning clothes, always button up!


Technically, they mark book pages. Ideally, they mark the pages of those books you are reading.
Usually, they mark some random forgotten pile of stuff in a drawer or closet.

Bookmarks: Keep them inside books you actually read or find them a place your Alzheimer's isn't likely to interfere with.

3. Boiling water

Either it's tea, milk or any other fast boiling fluid, chances are it takes it less to warm up than it takes you to remember to come back in the kitchen.

So, unless you fancy a visit from the fire department, it is best to actually stay in the kitchen or use a timer/reminder for these sort of actions.

4. Watering plants

Not all plants are cactuses (cacti), but most apartment ones get the same treatment.

Unfortunately, plants don't water themselves, and if you aren't lucky or rich enough to own a garden (or a housekeeper), the rain won't be able to do it's magic tricks.

Therefore, if you're not planning to make a herbarium out of them, always (use a reminder to) water your plants...or buy cactuses. Or, if you are THAT lazy, buy artificial flowers.

miercuri, 26 martie 2014

Tindering around or my experience with Tinder

As any respectable article writing citizen, I'll have to start this post by stating: if there was one last thing you might ever catch me doing,then that would most definitely be joining a dating app/community (or getting a touchscreen smartphone instead of my old buttonwise raggy one). That being said, I have always strongly disapproved of all this nonsense of virtually hooking up or chatting with strangers, well... , maybe not always, but most definitely ever since I realized mirc was probably a child molester infested environment,not suitable for a 12 year old. Frankly, I don't think internet cafes should have allowed underaged people to start with...

However, here I stand, 13 years and one tindersperience day later.

I know getting bored is never an excuse for actions, but for a while now I've been feeling left out by all my touchscreen addicted friends and they're compulsive behavior and joy of texting or playing wherever and whenever (Shakiraaa ,Shakiraaa). Yesterday the joy got a little out of hand, so I got curious to see what was "this sorcery" everyone was so enthusiastic about.

Turns out, with a little help from the gps and wi-fi connection,one can swipe through people around the area, this was almost like high school all over again! A virtual adaptation of the face checkings we used to do each day during breaks back in our school days. Now that was quite awesome, plus I also have a soft spot for nostalgia and memories...

Furthermore, it is just as good,or actually, even better, since no one can hear/see u giggle or laugh, because the app doesn't let people know they've been "next-ed" hence rejected or made fun of. Basically, the only people who will know you like them and who you'll be able to talk to, are the ones that liked you back.

Seemed safe enough to waste time on (without a actual personal pic of course, I never play fair), so I carried on to downloading the app the very same night. First of all you'll need to set the distance range, I didn't get too greedy, so I went for 20 km and also the age limit and gender of the faces you'd like to swipe (off of planet Earth most of the times, frankly...).

Great! so we had 20 km, not over 35 (but always starting 18,since you can't change the lower limit, I knew I was right about these kind of businesses being wrong to start with ,as I've mentioned my mirc-ie fears earlier on...) and, well guys, duh!

At first it seemed natural to keep swiping fiercely and it was quite hard to proceed to liking someone even when the pictures and interests were right.
Somehow the friends in common (since it operates via your facebook account) instead of making it more easily to like, made it more awkward and hard to push the button, so hell, I swiped over them. After all, it seemed to be a sea of never-ending fish (with sunglasses, cameras, domestic or savage animals or even babies!).
However, in about 40 minutes and 300 pictures,the inevitable happened, I ran out of faces! Ok, ok, no panic. I set the range to 40 km,then 60 km, then the maximum of 100 km, but, though luck dudes, in less than 2 minutes, I wasted those far away faces also.

Bottom line, I ended up with about 10-15 likes given, out of which 3 or 4 were accidental,and one single match (those who actually expect to hook up should fill in some real pictures and like a little more often I guess).
But I'm cool, my one match was worth it, it was a social media advertising page for Venchi icecreams and chocolates (now who doesn't love chocolate, be honest and don't be jealous), So apparently any social media place is a good place to campaign your goods, even a dating site!

All in all, I think it's worth trying for a good laugh,especially when you bump over your friends or otros conocidos,but it kind of gets old really fast and since it's got an addictive nature it is also a little disappointing when it runs out of people to see...
For all you real players out there, I wish you most of luck and least of american psychos on the loose!

vineri, 8 ianuarie 2010

New Year's NO-solutions:

Deviza idealistului: imposibilul sau nimic!

Optimismul nostalgicului: tragedia de azi, amintirea frumoasa de maine.

Filosofia sufletului neimpacat: niciodata nu va mai fi cum n-a fost vreodata...

marți, 24 noiembrie 2009

Cugetari din noptile de criza

Oare in Rai eroii sufera cand vad ca au murit degeaba?

Suferinta pe care atunci o numarai in lacrimile varsate,acum o numeri in priviri pierdute si resemnate.

Daca te arunci cu capul inainte, poti sfarsi cu picioarele inainte...

Ma intristeaza cei care isi reneaga tara, totusi privesc patriotismul ca pe o obligatie.

joi, 5 noiembrie 2009

Quotes,quotes, quotes...Breezer style

People say a lot of shit's important, but that doesn't mean you don't have to flush the toilet from time to time.

Your life's a bitch only because you let too many people fuck with it.

Suicide is more like when you're about to lose your job and you have to choose between quitting or being fired. (You cut my wings, I cut my veins)

Temporary forever, killed "forever" forever.