joi, 23 iunie 2016

Is there life between quarter life crisis and midlife crisis?

Late 20s and early 40s, the two main milestones of young adulthood, the intro and outro of lifes’ golden age. Your 30s are seen as a time of accomplishments, when the pieces start to fit into the puzzle and the broadcast of your life reaches its prime time. But does anything truly meaningful actually happen during these years or is it all social conformity, checking a list of professional achievements and personal life goals and living by the book?

In your childhood you have a pocket full of dreams, from the joys of Christmas or summer vacation, to the excitement of a bday party or a video game, everything is an adventure and everything makes sense. Through your teenage years you build up dreams of love and how your life is going to shape up after you graduate and there is no place for doubts or reason.  By the time you reach your mid 20s however, most of your fairy dust is blown away by  the continuous clashes with reality and its wind of change. As the thrill starts to wear off, you start to question your ideals and goals, your perspectives narrow down and you drift into a spiral of idleness, where all days look more or less the same and all dreams are put into sealed boxes and stacked into the attic of your mind.

Conformity becomes the norm and passions fade out or become optional hobbies, if and when you’ve got the time or mood.
Even so, your life starts to reach a balance, you thought would never come along, you tone down and enjoy your everyday life routine, ease back and relax, while minutes, hours, days and years flash before your eyes, trapped in a Groundhog life.

Events come and go, work days come and go, weekends come and go, you live some, you learn some.

Lower highs and upper lows, no more dancing in the streets, listening to your favorite song on repeat while thinking about great times or people, spending hours in front of the mirror deciding what to wear tonite, living the lifes of your favourite characters while reading a book, sleepless nights or daydreaming about your next holiday or trip…OR future.

Blunt career goals, self induced wishes of personal development or achievements, an artifice of life that helps you still feel wired to the concept of being alive and kicking.

Are 30 and 40 sumthing people pretending to be on the edge or are they still capable of feeling and dreaming and hoping? Is there any true intensity and belief in what they are doing or is it just a comforting thought for their ego and trying to smack some sense into their current position in life? Is it too late or are there still great times ahead, real living and life changing lessons and impressions to be encountered after your 20s?

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